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KONAD Stamping Nail Art Kit_Stone Set

Product Detail Information

KONAD Stamping Nail Art Kit_Stone Set
[KONAD Co., Ltd]

'Stamping Nail Art Kit' is designed for anybody to be able decorate nails by stamping pre-designed images at home in seconds and developed by KONAD for the first in the world.

 - Easy to use for everyone, anywhere

- Quick-finish nail art in 5 Seconds

- Delicate designs with Reasonable price

- Decorate various surfaces as Mobile Phone, Accessory and Glass

- Easy nail art for nail art beginner

- manicure pedicure products

- Best skin care product

- Cool nail art

Application Components

30 tiny stones, 2 Image plates (m4,m9:7 designs on each), 3 small (5ml) Nail polishes (Red, White, Blue), Stamp and scraper..[Korea manufacturers/Korea supplier/Korea product/Korea trade]

Special Features

1. Anybody can decorate nails at home.

2. Save time and money.

3. Decorate delicate designs by stamping.

4. Practicable variously.

5. Decorate nails more beautifully as attaching stones.    

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